Feeding our Cravings

I shared on SnapChat  a Jesus rant because He’s awesome and laid some stuff on my heart to share with y’all. I didn’t want to blow up SnapChat with an hour long story and plus, stories disappear after 24-hours…so I figured I’d write it down in a blog post instead 😉

On Tuesday I was sitting in Austin traffic during rush hour, extremely hungry. While thinking of ways to satisfy my hunger, I started to drool over the idea of just driving to the nearest Chick-fil-a on my way home. But I knew that if I were to do this two things would happen: first, I would detour and it would take even longer to get home and secondly, Chick-fil-a really hurts my stomach…to the point where I can’t move and I am in pain. (Maybe it’s because I inhale it under five minutes but that’s beside the point hehe.)

I think the same thing goes for us when we’re following Jesus. The idea seems easy and fun and it’s the hip thing to do, but then we get tired and hungry. And we feed those cravings with things that temporarily satisfy us, our sin. We slip up. It’s okay if I just go to this party, I’m not drinking. It’s okay if I just go to second base with him/her, I’m not going all the way. It’s okay if I just tell this little white lie…at least some of it is true. My parents don’t have to know. It’s okay if I just look at this person’s test, I need an A and I won’t do it again. It’s okay if I just do ____ this one time…everyone is doing it.

But it’s not fulfilling. And just like the Chick-fil-a, we are left feeling even worse than we began with. Shame, guilt, worry, and fear creep in. Our hearts aren’t satisfied. The Word is the only food that will fill us up, not this fast food (our sin) that leaves us feeling emptyOnly Jesus fills us up. I know, I know you’ve probably heard that sooo many times, especially if you grew up in the church. But it’s true. I’ve experience it in my own journey with The Lord (you can read more about it here)

And, God created us to have the desire to be loved – and we are complete when we experience His true love. Whatever things you are chasing after to fill you up, surrender those things to God and chase after Him.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” // Romans 12:2

I came across a Desiring God Article and wanted to share: “We were designed for more than the trivial pursuit of pleasure. The hard truth is that we will never find relief if we continue to seek it through possessions or through people. Seeking satisfaction in the things of this world is like chasing the wind. Once you’re finally exhausted and weary from your pursuit, you’re left empty-handed and disappointed. You’ve wasted valuable time chasing nothing when you could have been pursuing true joy and peace. The problem is our hearts are black holes of discontentment, devouring relationships and possessions, all while screaming, “I need more.” We’re always eating, but famished. Always drinking, but never satisfied.”  You can read more here! 🙂 

I encourage you to check out Romans 8:1-39 sometime this week! What is God teaching you? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Also, my inbox is always open for prayer requests juliamariemann@gmail.com!

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