I really enjoy watching vlogs about people’s day to day lives because it gives ya a little peak into what they’re up to. But ya girl is a little awko taco on camera soooo instead of doing a vlog, I decided to dedicate a blog post to what it looks like in my crazy, busy, fun life! Letz get to it! 🙂

First things first, I wake up between 6:30 and 7:30am depending if I have morning meetings at work or coffee dates prior to going into the office. I’m not a full time photographer – I work as a recruiter and absolutely love my day job, my coworkers, and the flexibility it gives me to also pursue my photography. I typically get into the office between 9:30-10am during the week. Sometimes during lunch I’ll meet up with a client for their consultation or get in a quick shoot! I’ll wrap up the day around 4 or 4:30. Then I’ll pick up John from work. I’ll come home and make dinner for us and get ready for the evening. On Monday night, I host a gal’s bible study. Fun fact, I actually met 98% of these gals on instagram haha. Tuesday nights we have a couple’s bible study that meets at our house. Wednesday nights we have another bible study with our church. And Thursday nights we usually hang out at home and clean up around the house or hang out with friends!


The Jesus squad ^


I love Fridays because they’re a slower work day (as far as my day job goes). I’ll play catch up and edit if I had shoots that week. I’ll plan upcoming sessions, meet with clients, and run any errands needed. I try to get in earlier on Fridays so I can leave around 2pm. If we have a trip planned, I’ll take that Friday off which is nice.

The weekend is when I’m doing anywhere from 3-6 shoots and hustling hard. I typically don’t sleep in on Saturday because I’ll have an early morning shoot. I’ll spend the afternoons editing, planning content, and updating contracts, website, etc. John and I will go on a date in the afternoon or evening if I don’t have a shoot planned. Then Sunday mornings we wake up around 7:30-9:30am depending what church service we go to hehe. I’ll do a shoot in the morning before church or later that evening when the sun is setting. I spend Sundays cleaning up the apartment, grocery shopping and meal prepping for the week ahead. I will run last minute errands and make sure to deliver galleries!

And that’s about it! I’ve been trying to get in more of a routine – like taking certain days of during the week from shoots/anything photography related and setting stricter deadlines for myself – like not answering photography emails during the week past 8pm.

I’m so grateful for this life and love being able to love on people through ministry and my business. It’s not easy balancing everything [read this blog post for tips on how I try to keep my head above water lol] but it’s been a great learning experience and God has taught me to work hard for HIM.

What does your week look like on a day to day basis? What days of the week do you look forward to? 🙂

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