Annabella | Town Lake

Meet Annabella – she one of the strongest, bravest, and more down to earth gals I’ve ever met! I’ve known her for a couple years and her smile is SO contagious! Before our shoot she was worried that she wouldn’t be photogenic, ummm I think these photos say otherwise! #BABEALERT!

We shot this session a couple months ago during the fall in the evening and could not get over way the light hit- it had her GLOWING during our entire session!

Embracing the wind – it was actually a little chilly when we shot, so Annabella, YOU ARE A CHAMP!

Also, she totally killed it out with these outfits! Wish I was that cute when I was in high school! #StillWorkingOnIt.

We ended our session under this bridge at town lake and I asked Annabella if she would mind getting in the freezing cold water- she didn’t even hesitate and just walked on in! I’ve always wanted to do a water session and loved that this gal was down to adventure and be creative during her session! Such a blast shooting with this gorgeous soul!

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