I get a lot of questions of people asking me if I do photography full time and the short answer is no lol. I have a “normal” day job and work in Human Resources and then spend the hours (that I’m not in the office) meeting with clients, emailing potential clients, coordinating shoots, creating content for my blog and for others, educating myself how to grow my business and as a creative, and MORE.Fortunately my day job is flexible and allows me to do these things on the side!

I balance a full-time job, along with a [basically] full-time photography career (spending on average 30+ hours a week), my marriage, ministry, friends + family. It’s a lot!!! Is it easy? HA. Is it worth it? Heck ya!

I have a lot of friends who are in a similar position: working full time, being a student and juggling life with their side hustle. And I commend every one else who is working hard and hustling harder!

Today I wanted to encourage you to keep on keepin’ on and wanted to share some of my tips for balancing all the things life throws your way and how to do this whole “adulting” thing because we’re all in this together! 🙂

Every Sunday I sit down and block off time during the week for client meetings, ministry events, coffee dates + happy hours, date nights, etc. I color code my calendar accordingly and make sure to set myself reminders at least two days before an event cause ya girl needs reminders. I will take time on Sunday to set those coffee dates and block off that time accordingly. As I’m planning out my week/weekend, I also leave white spaces on my calendar so I have times to rest! If I don’t put rest times, I will just burn out and be overwhelmed.

Don’t feel like you have to say yes to every coffee date or business opportunity. Only say yes to the things that you know will also be life giving to YOU and your side hustle! There have been countless times where I have to stop and ask myself, “how will this activity benefit myself or my business?” And if I can’t come up with a reason, then it’s not worth it. Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no.

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As I’m planning out my upcoming week, I make it a goal to focus on my top three priorities for the week. Who do I need to spend quality time with this week? What shoots are going on this week? What meetings need to be scheduled? What upcoming events do I need to go to? Etc. This helps me not be overwhelmed and hold me accountable to not say yes to every single awesome opportunity that comes my way. Narrow down THREE key important things that truly matter. For me it’s my ministry, marriage, and business in that order.

Write down your top three on a post-it note to hold yourself accountable! Or set reminders on your phone/google calendar to keep yoself in check!

I think this is the most important one! If I’m not taking care of my health (physically + mentally), I can’t be healthy in other areas of my life. I try to block off one night each week to spend time taking care of myself. I’ll do a face mask, watch my favorite Netflix series, pour myself a glass of wine, or go for a walk. I also make it a goal to not answer any business emails after 8pm (which is really hard sometimes) so I can unplug. I’ve also been working on waking up early and having quiet time with Jesus and journaling so I can start each day filled with JOY!


What are some ways you balance your work life with your side hustle? I’d love to hear! Also, you can read more about how to stay motivated here! Have a great rest of the week 🙂

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