Georgia for the Weekend

Two weekends ago John and I along with two other married couples went to Woodstock, Georgia to visit friends and encouraged the church how to reach their community with the gospel. Our morning started bright and early at 4:30am…and I am not a morning person haha. Our friends Blarie & David came to pick us all up at 5:45am and we carpooled to the airport. Our flight took off at 7:30am and thankfully it was a quick one hehe. We laned in Atlanta around 10ish and that’s when the adventures began. I wasn’t expecting it to be cold there since it’s been in the mid 70s/mid 80s in Texas lately haha so I was a little chilly.


We walked around at a park [can’t remember the name of it] and then went to grab coffee at this cute coffee shop. Our stomachs were growling after coffee so we went to Urban Plate for lunch!

There were multiple restaurants inside with a variety of different foods. John and I are trying to eat healthier (hence the word trying) so we went to this Paleo places called Urban Plate. After lunch, we went into this cute shop! I walked out empty handed, and John was pretty proud about that 😉 We walked around some more and came across this hipster-ed out coffee shop.

We didn’t get any coffee haha I just snapped these pictures really quick and we went to another coffee shop with a view!  *insert heart eye emojis* Seriously can’t get over the red + yellow leaves and all the tall trees there.

 We sat on the porch overlooking the creek and the trees drinking our lattes and munching on our brownie…still drooling over it. The coffee shop was hidden in the complex so we had to park our car in the complex and trek on over to it! If I were to live in those apartments, it would very dangerous for my bank account….

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Then we drove over to Woodstock to meet our friends! We had a BBQ dinner with them and just got to reminisce and share stories with each other. Blair and David had been married for almost two years and she had lost her engagement ring so they ordered a new one a couple months ago and had it shipped to the family we visited. They ended up bringing the package to dinner and her husband got down on one knee and “re-proposed” to her! Haha. The waitress thought this was their first time getting engaged and was so excited she started crying. We giggled and didn’t want to rain on her parade so we just played along.

We went back to the hotel and slept SO GOOD. We woke up Sunday morning around 8am and I stuffed my face with waffles and cereal while everyone else snacked on fruits and oatmeal…so much for eating healthy haha. After breakfast, we packed up our things and headed over to the church! We visited Woodstock Baptist Church. It’s the size of a mall…it’s beautiful! The worship and their Pastor Johnny Hunt were both phenomenal. After service I leaned over and told John that if The Lord ever wanted us to live in Georgia, this would be our church home. We went out to this yummy restaurant for brunch and pigged out the buffet. The food was soooo good it was hard not to get six plates. After lunch we headed back to our friends house to rest for a little bit and then went to the church to teach the class!

After the discipleship class, we said our goodbyes and headed out to the airport for our flight! We got back late Sunday night at 11pm and were tucked and snuggled up in bed by midnight. It was such a fun weekend filled with fellowship, lots of good food, and plenty of caffeine! So thankful for the community The Lord has blessed John & I with and it’s so encouraging to witness a church be more than just building, but to see them reach other people outside the church walls!

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