Honeymoonin’ in Cancun

Eeeeeep! You guys we are MARRIED! I’m a Mann! Haaa. Still need to be careful about saying that in public because I get some of the weirdest looks, as you can imagine. So many puns though!

John and I got married on a Thursday before Good Friday so the next day after our wedding we got to hang out with our family and just let it soak in that we are HUSBAND AND WIFE! *insert girly squeal here* We had brunch with my fam bam and pigged out on tacos hehe and then afterwards they dropped us off to the airport for Cancun! Wooo!

The flight was easy breezy & we scored an awesome deal for an all inclusive. The hotel was so cute and we were spoiled with the best margs + pina coladas EVER. #MissThem


Shoutout to Etsy for the cutest wifey tee ever!!! ^^^

I couldn’t get over the cuteness of our hotel and the view!!!! We mainly hung out by the pool…a little too much because we got so burnt y’all! We forgot to pack the sunscreen #facepalm…so we ended up spending $50 on sunscreen & aloe-vera at the hotel. Not even exaggerating. Hotels will get ya with that sort of thing. Anyways…

I even bought this cute little floral + festive dress for the trip hehe.

Annnnnnnnnd you bet we ate our body weight in TACOS!! Look how fun this restaurant was! It was outside and the weather was perf!

Cancun gets me 🙂 ^^^^^^

We went snorkeling twice – so fun! But the water was really cold so it didn’t last long paha! We are whimpy when it comes to cold water.

Obvs went to the beach a lot…but struggle because of our sunburns 🙁 So we hid in the shade! hahaha

We plan on going back for our one year anniversary and I am pumped!!! I love traveling + adventuring so much with John! It’s so fun to be spontaneous, hang out, and spend sweet time together getting to know each other more 🙂 For all you brides to be, I STRONGLY recommend booking a trip to Cancun for a honeymoon, or just for the heck of it!

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