You’ll hear me say this a thousand and one times (if not more): being a creative is HARD! Two of the biggest things I struggle with: 1. comparing my work to other creatives 2. being in a creative rut! I think the two actually go hand in hand. When I’m scrolling on Instagram, it’s easy to get caught up comparing my life and my work to other creatives, which makes me feel down about my work and uninspired. Bleh. My goal as a creative is create community rather than competition and to be REAL. I feel like nowadays social media is just saturated with the highlights and not so much of the real and raw moments that life brings us. So, if you’ve been following on Instagram, I really hope that my feed is MORE than edited photos and majestic humans- I try my hardest to be real with y’all because there is so much more than the eye meets!

Anyways, I’ve gotten a lot of requests from you guys to write a blog post about how I get out of a creative rut, so I figured I’d share my heart and some tips of how I get out of my funk. 🙂

Ah. This is the hardest, yet one of the most fulfilling ways I get the creative wheels turning. Sometimes I just go MIA for the weekend to rest, and get re-charged. I spend more time with God which is SO necessary and it opens my eyes to how much I spend on social media. Ugh. *Face palm* I hang out with my friends, date my husband, and just ENJOY my free time. I’ve had to delete the Instagram app on my phone before because I was so tempted to just log back in haha! If it’s really bad, I’ll hand over my Instagram password to my husband and he will change it for me so there’s NO temptation to get back on. Once I take time off social media & then get back on it, I feel like my whole mindset changes. I don’t spend nearly as much time scrolling through and obsessing over my follower’s lives and I don’t feel the urge to be on it 24/7 or update people what I’m doing every single moment haha. It’s so refreshing to take a break!

When I go on a social media hiatus, I spend time getting re-inspired. I’ll go on long walks around the neighborhood, hang out with my friends, discover new places to shoot, visit a fun +hip coffee shop, find new music to listen to. Visit an art gallery or go to a museum! Find and explore other creative and artistic outlets. Maybe it’s a creative thing [or maybe I’m just a weirdo haha] but my brain sees things in pictures. When I’m stuck in traffic, I start thinking to myself of cool pictures haha. Get inspired! I tend to stay off Pinterest because I feel like I just go back to that dark hole of playing the comparison game. However, I don’t think it’s bad to be inspired by ideas or other people’s work!  What are some things that YOU get inspired by? Poetry? Music? People? Art?

I love sitting down and chatting with other photographers over coffee (or a nice glass of red wine hehe) and getting inspired! We will go back and forth sharing ideas and coming up with some really awesome concepts! It’s so encouraging to work with other people because we all see the world differently and I think it’s so BEAUTIFUL to learn and get other people’s perspective! Reach out to some creatives in your area! (You can read my blog post here about building community!) 🙂

White Shirt: (Old) SIMILAR | Velvet Tank: SIMILAR | Pants  | Neck Tie | Sunglasses | Camera Strap

What helps you get re-inspired? I’d love to hear in the comments below! Hope you’re having a great week!


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