Let’s face it, if you’re anything like me, you made new years resolutions. Right? And by now…wellll…maybe you’re (like me) second guessing those resolutions. Right? The gym doesn’t seem so appealing at 6am. That cheeseburger sounds WAY better than that kale salad. And you’d rather sleep in your bed than  make your bed. Somebody help me preach!

I’ve always had a hard time sticking to my goals, but over the years I’ve learned some helpful ways to stick to my goals AND to STAY MOTIVATED! So, I’d figure if you’re anything like me, these 7 easy tips will help you! 🙂

Every Sunday I will sit down and make a list of tasks I need to complete that week. Then next to each task, I’ll write when they need to be completed. This helps me pace myself and helps me not to get so overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to do! I try to aim for the BIG PICTURE and then add smaller details each day. For example, If I need to send over a gallery to a client by Friday, my “smaller” tasks for Monday thru Thursday would be to edit “x” amount of photos each day so they’re ready to be delivered. Nothing feels better than scratching things off your to-do list.

How are you going to achieve your goals? After you’ve determined your “big picture” task, it’s time to hone in on the details. Figure out what you need to do to accomplish the tasks.

There are some days where I just have a ton of stuff going on, more so than not. It’s hard to balance my full time job day job, my almost full-time photography bizz, my marriage, ministry, friendships, and family life! So there’s plenty of times where I have to speak up and ask for help! I’ve learned that’s it better to communicate needing help before you’re flooded with a never-ending to do list rather than crying out for help when your head is barely above water. Surround yourself with like minded people who work hard and who can help motivate you when your tank is on E.

Nothing get’s me more pumped to knock out a long list of to-dos than a fun playlist! I’ve also been getting into Podcasts while I work! Some of my favorites include: The Goal Digger, Watermark Church, The Influencer Podcast, Coffee Break Spanish (because trying to learn Spanish haha), Make It Happen, Building a Story Brand with Donald Miller, Build Your Tribe, & The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. I always feel extra productive when I’m listening to a pump-up podcast haha!

Some people are efficient when they work from home…me…not so much. I find myself getting distracted easily, so I’ll plan working at a coffee shop nearby for a change of scenery. There are some days where I will wake up early and work from our kitchen table and once the afternoon rolls around, I’ll need to head to a coffee shop to stay motivated! It’s fun to change things up!

I learned this in college when I was cramming for finals week. I would sit in the library for hours upon hours trying to force a semester of notes into my brain. But it didn’t work, so I started focusing on studying little tidbits at a time and to take breaks when I studied! I started to use this practice with my photography business; I set a time for myself to edit for 1-2 hours at a time, then when the timer goes off I’ll take a break; I’ll go for a walk, read a book, do some chores around the house, something that isn’t related to the task I’m working on! This gives me more motivation to finish the task!

I make goals for every quarter of my business and whenever I reach a goal, I reward myself. Not this isn’t crazy- sometimes it’s a sweet treat like ice cream or other times it’s a new clothing item or camera gear I’ve been eyeing! I recently booked a couple more weddings for this year, so treated myself [with my husband’s permission of course] to some cute & comfy shoes! hehe. John surprised me with a new lens I had been eyeing last month! I’ve found that small or large rewards help me stay focused and motivated to my end goal! Keep your eyes on the prize!

How do YOU stay motivated? Be sure to download my eBook for Goal Setting! It’s not to late! 🙂

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