Mann, You’re the only Tennessee

John and I wanted to do something fun for our  one year wedding anniversary. We were thinking of fun places to go (Cancùn, Cozumel, Brazil, The Virgin Islands…) buuuut knew it would be tough to take off work and it would add up. So John suggested we spend a couple days in Nashville to visit his family and then spending some time in the mountains in Chattanooga! UM YES! We both have been so busy with work, church stuff, and just life in general so a little getaway was MUCH needed.

We drove to Dallas after work on a Friday and stayed the night with some close friends. Then we began the nine hour drive to Nashville on Saturday morning. We had LOTS of coffee, snacks, and downloaded episodes from The Office to keep us entertained. This was our third time driving down to Nash and it was the first time I didn’t sleep for a majority of the ride :’) #GoJulia!

After arriving to John’s parent house, we settled in, unpacked, and then went out to dinner with his childhood friends. Ummm yes we ate Mexican food. It wasn’t the same as Tex-Mex, but it was good 😉 No complaints here.

John had to work most of the time we were there, so we hung out at some of the COOLEST and hippest coffee shops there. I’m more of a “social coffee drinker” and am basic…all I drink is a vanilla latte or a vanilla iced coffee…nothing too exciting haha. This is Dose Coffee – it was probably one of my favorites because the aesthetics where cute hehe and the food & coffee was deeeeeeeelish!

Barista Parlor  was the bomb! It has that industrial feel to it! Here’s a pic of my $7 vanilla latte…so good and a lil’ pricey.

We had awesome quality time with his parents, close friends, and just hanging out with each other and getting away! Nashville is a lot like Austin…just with a bit more country flare. The tacos & BBQ aren’t the same as Texas…but hey, I’ll take it 🙂

We did some exploring around Nash and went to the Parthenon – it’s a great place for pictures (duh!) and for a picnic…we skipped out on the picnic though because it was cloudy & about to rain when we went. Haha.

While John was working one morning, I hung out with my little sister in law and we ventured out to Five Daughter’s Bakery….SOOOOOO good…yet probably not the healthiest choice if you’re trying to do Whole30, Paleo [actually they DID have a paleo donut, who kne that was a thing!], Vegan, or if you’re trying get that summer bod…haha #yolo. Confession: may have ordered this donut for the pic…may have also ordered it for my husband…hey, it was a little bit of both 😉

Anyways, after spending a couple days in Nash, we packed our bags and headed to Chattanooga to get away for our ONE YEAR! Whooooop! We stayed in the cutest AirBnB.

We hung out at See Rock City and did some hiking, exploring, and adventuring! The weather was peeeeeerfect too!

It was such a sweet time hanging out with my Mann and getting away for a bit. We realized how much we love our community and actually got a little home-sick if ya will haha. Getaways are much needed but the time away made us appreciate our friends and family back home as well 🙂

I’m still working on editing a video…#TheStruggleIsReal…but hoping to post it soon, so stay tuned!


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