Meet My Summer Team

After launching my Summer Spokesmodel Program and receiving an overwhelming amount of applicants, I knew that I would need all the help that I could get. A part of me was a little nervous how I would handle this all on my own, while a majority of me was SO giddy to work alongside the gals and to create a team! So, I posted on my photography Instagram stories asking if anyone would help me out this summer. I did it kind of jokingly- thinking no one would even apply. But then my direct messages were flooded with people interested in helping me out!

The intern candidates went through an application and an in-person/over the phone interview process. I chose my interns based off of personality, drive, and enthusiasm for photography and growing a business. It was such a hard process because there were so many incredible gals who applied and really just wanted to pick everyone! 

Once I selected my team, I reached out to my super awesome and talented friend Alyssa  [who is a very talented photographer] to capture some fun photos of us!

Meet the team!

Montana will be a junior at Texas State University Fall of 2017 and is studying Electronic Media. Her hobbies include: reading (Books, blogs, the back of cereal boxes, anything really), cooking/baking (she says Pinterest is her wonderland) and hanging out with her friends and family and dancing, if there is music on she’s dancing! Her favorite thing to take pictures of is people, especially candids, because she love capturing peoples’ emotions and memories. It’s so true that a picture is worth a `1000 words! Something that makes her unique is that she enjoys listening to film scores for fun, rainy days are my favorite and she loves Jesus! Montana says if she could eat any food for the rest of my life it would be….tacos because they’re so versatile! (My kinda gal pal!) She will be assisting with Spokesmodel shoots, creative team meetings, and social media marketing. 

Payton is a sophomore at Texas State University fall of 2017 and is studying Dental Hygiene. Her hobbies include photography and writing! Be sure to check out her Instagram photography page here. Her favorite thing about photography is being able to let people express themselves through photos. Her favorite place to travel is Colorado because she believes it’s one of the most beautiful places since there is so much to do and so much to see, it never gets old. Payton says she’s passionate about two things: photography & queso. She loves photographing people because everyone is unique in their own ways and she enjoys seeing their style and personality come out in the pictures. Payton will be assisting with Spokesmodel shoots, creative team meetings, and social media marketing. 

Leigh will be a senior in high school beginning of Fall 2017. One of her favorite places she’s traveled is the to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She went on a mission trip her freshmen year and says it was such an eye opening experience that she will treasure so much! She said that she will never forget about the people she met there and the lessons she learned while being there. Her favorite thing about to capture behind a lens is people because she loves having the ability to capture someone’s most authentic self brings her so much joy! Leigh will be creating behind-the-scene videos, she will be a part of the creative team, and will be in charge of filming + editing the Summer Spokesmodel experience!

Paige will be a sophomore in high school beginning of Fall 2017. Her hobbies include photography, art, and tennis. Hello, triple threat! One of her favorite places she’s traveled to is Cozumel because it’s relaxing and the sunsets are stunning! Her favorite thing to capture behind a lens is people because she enjoys pausing a moment and creating a memory. She says if she could eat one food for the rest of her life it would be vermicelli or beef pho. Paige will be second shooting this summer and will be a part of the creative team!

I’m so excited to welcome these girls to join my team and beyond excited to see where The Lord will take us this summer! Thanks so much for reading! Give them a follow and say hey! 🙂


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