I get a lot of questions about my camera gear, so I thought it was fitting to dedicate a blog post to share with y’all what I shoot with! Now, I firmly believe that you don’t need all this fancy equipment to create stunning photos, you just need a creative eye and a vision to create something memorable!

My husband has always been super encouraging and supportive as I pursue my passion for photography and has challenged me to do a lot with little camera equipment. When I first began, I thought I needed 5+ lenses, the best of the best cameras, and all this lighting equipment to create stunning photos. I realized I was getting too caught up on what every other photographer had and felt inadequate. So, I took a step back and embraced the challenge of shoot with just my camera and my nifty fifty. And in doing so, I learned how to create and get creative with what I had!

I recently got the Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 for my birthday last week and was THRILLED! Literally fought back tears because I was so overjoyed and overwhelmed. I have been researching and wanting a wide angle lens that is versatile and after months [and month]s of researching, I landed on the Sigma. Then last weekend my sweet husband surprised me with it!!! HE ROCKS!!!

Anyways, keep your eyes out for a post next month about what photography equipment you should invest in if you’re starting out or looking to upgrade!



Thinking of getting this one because it has more room now that I recently purchased another lens!


I was debating between this and the Canon 5D Mark IV. Both are full frame and I got this one because it was a third of the price and takes stunning photos. You can see a comparison of the two camera bodies here.


Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 

I just got this as a birthday present and love it! It’s perfect for weddings, portraits, and travel photography! This lens will be attached to my camera from now on. I’m thinking about doing a review on this lens once I use it more 🙂


Canon 50mm f/1.8

This lens is great for weddings and portraits as well! It’s a super lightweight and affordable lens! I’d say about 98% of my photos on my Instagram feed are shot with this lens.


I always borrowed my friend’s flash for weddings and loved it so decided to finally get it myself. Especially since I’m wanting to do more weddings! Perfect for event photography and portraits. You can attach it to your camera or connect it off your camera to take photos- whaaaat!! I’m excited to use this!


16GB SD Cards 

I have five of these! They’re great for weddings- I use each card for something different: one for the getting ready photos, another for the ceremony, and another for the fun dancing photos at the reception. I’ll also use these when I do mini sessions! I started to number them with a sharpie on the white blank space so I know which card I used for what session. This makes my life SO much easier when I go to import my photos on my computer!


32 GB SD Cards

I have three of these. Great for weddings or senior shoots, since those are the sessions I go crazy and take a TON of photos.

USB Adapter 

I edit on a MacBook Air and unfortunately it doesn’t have an SD card reader so I bought this! Super affordable and I haven’t had any issues with it.


SD Card Holder

This is helpful to organize your cards so you can find them easily.

2 TB Hard Drive 

This is where I store and back up my photos! I was using Google Drive at first, but started using this about sixish months ago and has been a game changer and a life saver!


I hope my blog will be a space of inspiration, encouragement, and that we can learn + grow together as creatives! Can’t wait to see what YOU capture! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to answer them! 🙂

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