My husband and are I are headed to Nashville this week for a wedding and to visit his family over there! This will be our fifth time going and every time we go, we drive! It’s about a fifteen hour drive [including stops], so we tend to break it up so we don’t die haha. John surprised us with this fun little AirBnB that has an alpaca farm!!!!!!! Guys I’m freaking out haha. Anyways! I thought it would be fun to dedicate this blog post to Planning a road trip! Whether you’re off skiing with your friends for Christmas break or planning a fun trip to the beach for spring break, I hope these travel tips will make your trip more enjoyable 🙂


Check yo’self before you wreck your self. Haha! Okay, but in all seriousness make sure everything in your car is good to go! Fill up your gas, make sure your license and registration is up to date, make sure your tires are good to go; put air in them if needed[and be sure to have a spare!!], get an oil change beforehand! We always like to have our car cleaned and washed so it’s nice in purrrdy.

This is a MUST! Especially if you’re a snacker like me. Don’t wanna be hangry 😉 Last time we went to Nashville, we packed a cooler with waters, lunch meat, fruits and veggies! This saved us SOOO much money since we didn’t eat out as much!

Get out, stretch your legs, pull into a rest stop and REST! If you’re going with a big group of people, you can alternate driving which is honestly a game changer! We weren’t able to do that on our previous trips because I didn’t know how to drive manual. But now we have a new car so all is good 😉

If you know you’re going to be driving for awhile, book a hotel or get an AirBnB so you can get plenty of rest! We didn’t do this first two times we drove and it was exhausting [mainly for John] to have to drive through the night. Get some sleep so you can be well rested and awake the next morning to finish your trip!

I can’t stress this one enough! Break down how much you’ll spend on food + drinks, gas, lodging, activities, and shopping! If you’re road tripping with a group, you can easily divide up the gas and lodging! Which is AWESOME! I use the Venmo app to send my friends money and takes 48 hours to hit your bank account. Keep track of your spending. Make an excel spread of the amount of money you’re thinking of spending for each category and then create another column with how much you actually spent. This a great to keep track and to hold yourself accountable. AND you can physically see how much you’re spending!

Ain’t no party like a car jamming party! I love all sorts of music. Mainly Indie/Folk, 80s music, 90s/2000s throwback music, and latino music. So I’ve got a playlist for all these different genres. ALSO! If you get bored of jamming to music, you can also listen to podcasts or to audiobooks! We listened to some funny stand up comedians on the way over to entertain us and we also downloaded 22 episodes of The Office so we could listen to it on the way haha. Honestly, it was the best decision.

Make a list of things to bring on your long ride: headphones, book, food, drinks, snacks, pillow, blanket, wear comfy clothes, medicine if ya get car sick [aka me!], and any games or electronic devices to keep ya entertained haha.

I hope this was helpful for ya! I’m looking forward to spending the next two weeks in Nashville and can’t wait to share with you guys our adventure! My goal is to put together a fun short clip of our trip so stay tuned for that! Be sure to follow me along on Instagram so you can see what we’re up too! Warning you in advance:: I WILL be taking lotssss of pics [thanks to the best #InstagramHusband] and will be blowing up the gram 😉 Hope you’re having a great week & have a GREAT CHRISTMAS!!!!

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