The Fix

Last month I got a citation for an expired inspection sticker so I did what an good civilian would do and went to get my car inspected. After an hour of waiting, the mechanic came back only to tell me that I failed and needed some parts to fix my blinker and tail light. So I went out and searched for them. Unfortunately the place I went to didn’t have them, but they fixed other issues that was going on with my car. Then I went to another automotive place in hopes that they had the right parts and were able to fix it. But even they couldn’t fix it. I made an appointment with Toyota to get my car fixed there. After two hours of waiting they also said I needed certain parts. So I went on a wild goose chase to get them. I brought the parts back to them only to find out that they weren’t the right parts. YAY. A mechanic finally diagnosed the issue: it was the wiring. And this, could be fixed. But it would take an extra four hours.

Okay, you’re  probably wondering wow Julia that sounds awful and it is. BUUUT I couldn’t help but think how this applies to our lives.

When something isn’t going right- a relationship, friendship, stuff at home, family drama, etc. we set out to look for something in hopes of making it right. For me, it was partying. I was frustrated with my own brokenness and life not going “my way” so I turned to the things of this world to fulfill me. But after each reckless night, I still didn’t feel like I was full. In all honestly I felt more empty to begin with.

I was running around looking for something to “fix” me, but nothing worked. Not the meaningless flings with boys, getting good grades, doing all the right things that people tell you need to do in order to be a “good person”, partying with my friends to fill voids of emptiness, not even going to church every Sunday! When I was nineteen, a college leader from YoungLife told me about Jesus, a man who desired me, loved me, and knew me despite my sin and still wanted to pursue me & who was my fix all along.

I don’t know what you’re running after to “fix” the tough stuff. Maybe you’re on a wild goose chase right now looking for that fix and stillll don’t feel like it’s all right. Maybe you’re exhausted from running. Tired of chasing. Exhausted from trying to please everyone and be like everyone. I encourage you to cry out to Jesus & ask Him into your heart. Praying for a heart that is bold and hungry to be fixed by our Redeemer.

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