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I have gotten a lot of requests to write a blog about purity. So let’s….”Let’s talk about sex baby…let’s talk about you and me…” (Please tell me you have heard the Lets Talk About Sex by Salt-N-Pepa or at least remember the Riff Off from Pitch Perfect)

Falling in love

Where to begin…

I don’t want this post to be about condemning anyone about their sexual sin, instead I want to encourage you how to stay pure (YES it is possible and you can do it!)

Purity is defined as: freedom from immorality, especially of a sexual nature… which is anything MORE THAN kissing…I won’t get into the details of that.

  1. Set boundaries- this is not an awkward conversation [unless you are with the wrong person] but a crucial conversation to have before things get serious!! It’s a conversation that you and the person you are dating need to have, preferably the sooner the better. Making a commitment to stay pure and sticking to it.
  2. Having someone hold you accountable- this should not be a friend who is sexually active. Perhaps an adult mentor or someone in your church, an older + wiser person you feel comfortable opening up to but also someone who will tough love ya.
  3. Community of people fighting for your relationship- I cannot stress how important this is. John Clark and I have been honored and are so, so grateful to have a community of people who are married + newly married. These people have poured into us, encouraged us to fight for each other, and pushed us to keep at the center of our marriage. Dating is tough, and there are going to be times were your relationship will be tested– the enemy is going to break you and your significant other apart, THIS is why it’s SOOO important to have people building y’all up and fighting for y’all– reminding y’all of God’s truth and plans!
  4. Setting a curfew- Don’t stay out too late…because you’ll get tired…then you’ll want to snuggle and snuggle turns into kissing and kissing leads to one thing which leads to another…yup. Plus 8 hours of sleep is great.
  5. Hanging out in public- this will make sure you aren’t tempted & if you’re like me, you won’t even kiss in public haha. Don’t worry I kiss John Clark on the cheek now 🙂

If you have already fell into sexual temptations, don’t you fret! Because God still loves and treasures you. Make a commitment and a promise TODAY to stay pure! If this is you, I pray that you will seek God for forgiveness and will chase after Him wholeheartedly! We serve a God who is almighty and good and nothing you could do could ever make Him love you any less OR make Him stop loving you!! Just wanted to make sure you are aware of that!!

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