You’ll hear me say this a million times: my favorite thing about photography is getting to meet other people and hear their stories. A couple weeks ago I got to meet my Instagram friends, Zaid + Neveen in real life!!! Talk about dreams come true! [Also, how cool is it that that’s even a thing?! Meeting your gram fam in real life!!] #TheBest. Anyways. Zaid is an extremely talented lifestyle photographer and Naveen, his stunning girlfriend is a model!! So basically they’re the dynamic duo. These two love birds been together since high school and had so much fun getting to know them!!

THEIR LOVE STORY: “We’ve known each other since we were kids through our religious community. We would basically talk on aim chat as friends but me here started liking Zaid in 5th and 6th grade. (#why #whatwasithinking) Basically obsessed with this guy lol so he thought I was a freak and stopped talking to me…so we never talked all the way until my sophomore year of high school and his junior year. Tables turned he was “obsessed” and I was giving him a hard time but gave in eventually. Our first date was basic as it could get cause we were both not ever in to the big things so it was just a simple Starbucks date and at the end of the date he landed a kiss right as I was leaving. Basically took us 6 years to find our way back to each other but it worked cause four years later we are still here.” (Told by Neveen)

It’s fun working with other creatives because we got to share ideas and make some magic. I could NOT stop laughing…so yes all these laughing pictures are candid 😉 We started shooting at a record store down town and then ended the evening on a rooftop with the sunset!! Scroll through to see these too…you might need a tissue or two because their love is so sweet :’)

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